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Group Ads

Size A :  2 in x 3.5 in                                $0.15  per bag

Size B :  2 in x 7 in or 4 in x 3.5 in          $0.25 per bag

Size C :  6 in x 3.5 in or 2 in x 10.5 in    $0.35  per bag

Side D : 4 in x 7 in                                    $0.45  per bag

Size E : 6 in x 10.50 in                             $0.75 per bag

Size F : 6 in x 13 in  (1/2page)               $1.25 per bag


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Grouping is multiple ads per bag. It’s a way of networking with others to advertise. Starting at 15 cents per ad,  It’s the most affordable way to advertise. It has the most exposure as the minimum requirement is set to 3000 bags.

Our team will handle the delivering of the bags to multiple key locations of the selected town.

You will be notified of the date, time and locations where the bags will be distributed.  After checkout, our team will reach out to you to discuss your design.

Group Ads is on the way for Norwalk & Stamford however, no matter of your location, you can always advertise on the whole bag (Solo Ad)  as you are in full control of the distribution.



Dimensions N/A

A, B, C, D, E, F


Norwalk, Stamford


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