Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services Ad On The Bag offers ?

Ad On The Bag offers many services that help promote your business.

  • Grocery bags ( Solo Ad & Group Ad)
  • Promotional handbags
  • Coupon books
  • Web design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Articles/ Blogs writting
  • etc.

What is the difference between Solo Ad Vs Group Ad ?

Solo Ad gives you full control, With Solo Ad your single or full color Ad covers the whole bag. Although we can assist , You are responsible of the design, the distribution, the storage and the setup fee. Solo Ad starts as low as $1.50 per Ad per bag with a minimum of 500 for single color and 1000 for full color.



Group Ad Starting as low as 15 cents per Ad per bag, you can join others to Advertise on our reusable grocery bags. Group Ads are very affordable. We handle the distribution of bags at no charge. Bags will be distributed in prime locations of the town selected. 3000 bags per promotion (Some promotional handout services are available at no charge, ask for details)

what makes Ad on The Bag better than other channels of advertising

Ad On The Bag is the most affordable way to advertise.

Ad On the Bag offers an indefinite amount of exposures compare to radio, tv, social media and post cards which offer a limited time.

cost of printing & mailing 3000 post cards starts at $ 2700 while  the cost of 3000 Ads on group Ad starts at $450

Promotional Items:

Get name recognition with a variety of promotional items that can be sold or given away to your clients. Promotional items are high value items that your clients will truly appreciate, they create loyalty and generate referrals. For pricing information visit us at